Poem on Women & Religion

The following poem was written by a client of mine. Please read and give us some feedback. He has no background as far as religion in his home goes. Thanks…Jodi W.

Women And Religion

Earth fills her lap with pleasures of her own;
with the things she is gonna need to know.
What can I say,
Religion is one of the most important things today,
We can't push our women away,
from the things they believe.
Let them be what they want to be,
we can't let it be hidden,
why are you splitting
men from women.
This aint the way it's gonna be in heaven,
we all will become unioned,
Serving Christ in fellowship and communion,
just as if it were a family reunion.
Stop all of the confsion,
no need to be intrudin'.
Why do you have to take what she's earnin',
Why does he have to take what she's learnin';
That aint right,
I'm gonna put up a fight,
for the right.
The women in the United World need religion in their lives.

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